Climate Stories

“How about replacing science fiction, the imagining of fantasy by a single mind, with new worlds of far greater diversity based on real science from many minds?” E. O. Wilson

Climate SpiritAmazon – Come if you dare into a speculative series of climate outcomes, dramatized storylines if that mindset is yours, yet wrapped in the reality of researched climate science otherwise. From happyish outcomes to extreme dystopias, middle ground wonders what might motivate in time response, each casting a near future extrapolation of today’s world. Laced with the spirit of the universal helping us all.

The Church of Kâhkâkiw – Tricia helps guide her farming father through the Repatriation Office process. The Asian Alliance, claiming genetic brotherhood with natives, use ignored First Nations treaties to shift those European into altered living conditions. Influenced by a black bird, Tricia wonders if a new Mother Earth church might help, with a girl goddess.

The Matter of Love – Having exhausted all research, convinced people live only as evolutionary animals, Professor Shuman decides this to be his last counsel. Apple in pocket, he plays games through the mundane session. Look what people do with climate change, he argues. Yet fingering his apple, listening to a non-science eusocial expose he starts wondering if the unproven may explain all.

Planetary Infraction – Wenzel leads a message of truth org, knowing people informed of a violation respond. On his e-bike riding a rural road, he evaluates targets. His friend Detroit highlights one estate house and Wenzel plans planetary action. Escape routes looking good and an artist interested, he decides the message need be symbolic, lifestyle explicit and noticed like an infraction ticket on any windshield.

African Monsoon – Brad touches the HoloCube, initiating a Chirpfeed interview putting out an explanation on the science of a Green Sahara. If either Asian or NATO naval commanders decide to shoot down their unarmed jet, monsoon geoengineering will collapse. If not, Chinese rice growing, extra global cooling popular among Africans avoided, just might gain Brad’s kids a future amidst the jumbled politics of the day.

Storm Punchers – Staz arrives at his billionaire relatives’ mountain top island to check out his cousin Kai’s thrill seeking sky wasp. With the girls and little Jodie, they all ride hurricane Zelda until flushed out at half-submerged climate refugee high-rises. Each disturbed by the devastation, they get swept along with Kai to a degraded mainland street, but there, drugged teenage minds loose all control.

Green Sahara – Vince the Calgary oilfield engineer finds his African contract to be a geoengineering design, and that his client plans to turn the Sahara green. Considering his daughter’s future, he takes on drone target risk and political negotiating. Expected to explain the science to politicians, he finds himself immersed in a scary new career.

Blown Bridge Valley – Vince gets an urgent call from fellow engineer Brad in America. The climate change crisis has turned Calgary into a crime razed city policed by drones. With highways closing that night Vince and his teenage daughter make a night time drive through the swarm gang infested countryside.

Tribe 5 Girl – Annalise speaks with all the confidence of a PhD student defending her valley security proposal. Council needs decide—to risk home valley on the voice of the Kiki girl or keep roving drones loaded with ammunition and wrap straps. Movers, climate change refugees, want into the valley while Council needs social engineering success.

AlberTa’s Gift – A university student attends a 2025 Minister’s ceremony converting the last coal fired power plant to geothermal. He recalls his ambulance ride to the hospital when he was eleven. A severe asthma attack triggered by coal emissions they said–he just wanted to play hockey that day.

Next Door Data – An angry climate change research scientist finds his family’s camping trip disrupted by noisy generators. Through his weekend of rage and realization, he decides on a new career that will bring about real change politically.

Eco History Exam 2052– This tale looks back in the history of environmental progress through the eyes of a university student writing a history exam in the year 2052. Decade by decade the story reveals the tribulations people resist and stumble over towards a healthier planet. A little optimistic perhaps, but written for a Solutions focused Journal.

Orion Ang0157 – A disgruntled spirit of the universe appeals for release from a human mission. Having proposed climate change as motivation for planetary cooperation, as an evolutionary growth opportunity towards bonding and brotherly love, on reevaluation he admits a mistake in timing. Creation attempts to convince him otherwise.

Game: Survive– Stepping onto a cross-city bus, Lisi dons her Halo-T’s and touch contacts Lauren. To pass the scary boring ride, her school friend invites her to game. Playing, Lisi feels drawn deep into strategizing for prehistoric Easter Islanders. Struck by how the island parallels her city and planet in 2038, she learns how her cultural redesign ideas gain a girl survival points.


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