This Changes Everything – Naomi Klein and husband Avi Lewis cover the crisis reality of climate change and capitalism in an on the ground global documentary.

Elysium – A significantly degraded planet yet an advanced technology world where extreme division between rich and poor brings about a hero driven struggle for social justice.

Young Ones – A local drought stricken near future portrays the deteriorated relations between neighbors and family members in a contention over water resources.

Snowpiercer – With geoengineering bringing about snowball Earth the last survivors on an endless train ride fight against the unfairness of their harshly divided social classes.

Disruption – A youtube documentary detailing climate change and what can be done. Released just previous to the September 2014 Climate march in New York City and globally.

Do The Math – Three simple numbers that explain the reality of climate change. A documentary presentation of the July 2012 Bill McKibben Rolling Stone article.

Years of Living Dangerously – Hollywood actors Harrison Ford and Don Cheadle join journalists to investigate the impact of climate change through global on the ground human stories.

The Lorax – Do we have to take it this far to learn how much nature we have? Animated.

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