People Justice Novels

The shela directive – Amazon – Set in the near future year of 2029, a young adult movement sets about making a shift. Having lost their first madam president, and all she had brought them, they turn to the toorich with messages of change. Or else …

The Sandbox TheoryAmazon – A young man sets out to evaluate the truth about being wealthy and finds alternatives among family members. Material wealth in our current carbon based economy may help this idea find traction in the climate changed near future.

Amy’s Jessica – Amy travels on a try-it-out fling from her trailer court home to the haunts of her film star Jessica. With her two children left behind, she flies to San Francisco to live the life at least for a day of her Hollywood hero.

Brother’s Keeper– Set in the year 2029, this story follows class struggle ensuing between two brothers. One brother struggles with the decision he must make about his brother when it comes to assisting with the new cultural paradigm he has committed to helping. The consequences are deadly. Published alongside Robert J. Sawyer in an IFWA anthology.